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We bring together homeowners who are going through a transitional phase in their financial lives, to explore the world of home sharing and discover the power of passive income, so that we can experience financial empowerment and find fulfillment in hosting guests.

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  • Hosting Fundamentals: Self-paced video lessons that teach the core fundamentals of hosting guests-from office set up to guest reviews-everything you need to launch your listing and welcome your first guest. The lessons include helpful checklists, guides and worksheets to assist you in seamlessly navigating the hosting process. 
  • Interactive Events: Meet-ups, guest lectures, hands-on instruction, and regular updates on industry news and trends are just the beginning of our vibrant calendar of interactive events designed to foster meaningful connections and facilitate collaborative learning within our thriving community. 
  • Industry Specific Resources: Informative posts, articles, video interviews, and webinars, are readily accessible to our members, providing a wealth of valuable content to deepen your hosting and hospitality knowledge. As part of our commitment to continuous growth, we regularly update and expand our online resources to keep you informed and inspired.

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